K Cafe-Bistro

Breakfast: We are servicing to your table, while you are having breakfast, which includes totally organic products brought from the island and North Aegean. Extensive olive and cheese options, Bozcaada jams regional butter and fresh eggs.

Lunch and Dinner: Don’t forget to ask simple but delicious menu, which is prepared for you in a calm environment. Our Chief will prepare your lunch and dinner orders, in a freshest way.

Cafe: Every hour in the daytime, hot, cold, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink service to your room


Cafe-Bistro: You have all rights to taste different flavors in Bozcaada. There are a lot of options both in downtown and in Ayazma Beach. But if you say “I got very tired at beach today and all I want is stay at the hotel and eat in a calm environment”, Cafe Bistro is at your service. Don’t forget to have a look at our menu, which consists of world cuisine


K Bozcaada is environment-friendly:


  • Our, Bozcaada lovers’, biggest goal is to protect the island architecture and nature. We believe wholeheartedly that you will contribute that goal.
  • We produce our energy from renewable resources. In our hotel, we are using nothing but solar system, the full need of electricity of the whole island is provided from Wind Turbines.
  • We are sensitive about water consumption. Especially in summer months, water resources are limited. Thanks for your sensibility toward water already.
  • While we are driving in Bozcaada, we do not speed up. Let’s turn island mode on, and enjoy environment and wind while driving. Our hotel is located at one of the most essential holiday spot. We are obeying the noise rules not to disturb our neighbors and guests.
  • In our hotel we separate our garbage. While we are at beach or walking, we don’t throw away